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Brushes and swatches used by painting contractors in Timaru

Professional painting contractors in the Timaru area

Attention to detail is the master stroke

Anybody can slap some paint on a wall. But if you don't really want to look at that DIY painting disaster for the next 5 years, call the painting contractors who have been painting Timaru red, blue and every other colour of the rainbow for years! Quality materials, attention to detail, creativity with colour selection and experience make us one of the best painting contractors in Timaru.
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Our services

We provide a range of painting services which is nearly as wide as our range of colours! When you start to think about it, you'd be amazed at the amount of things that need paint. And we offer all painting services, including;
  • Interiors and exteriors
  • New homes and renovations
  • Domestic and commercial
You'll also receive free advice from our qualified colour consultant to make sure your new paint matches your current decor and furniture.


A professional job means more than just buying the most expensive paint you can find! We use the best, but it's the way we use it that makes the difference.
Our qualified team takes the time to prepare properly and to get the little details right which sets us apart from any other painting contractor in Timaru. So if your new home or renovation has to be right, or you want to make a lasting first impression with your shopfront or office, call the team who won't just brush you off! Call our painting contractors today.

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Waldron Decorators
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Jim: 027 447 0040
Hazel: 027 651 8973

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